About Us

Codocsa S. A. is a Costa Rican company specializing in infrastructure construction, both public and private nature. Since its founding in 1985, the quality, efficiency and full compliance with the commitments, was north of his philosophy.

The specialty of the company is the construction and rehabilitation of all types of bridges; but in his more than twenty years of continuous work, it has successfully built engineering works such as port works, aqueducts, sewers, hydroelectric projects, tanks, silos, development works, parking lots, paved, drainage, roads, warehouses, houses, schools and buildings.

With a young professional team, but a lot of experience, and administrative management increasingly efficient, Codocsa S. A. has grown and has seen an increase in capacity building. All this leads us to work harder and continue to reap rewards, for which we get, of course, their grata orders.

The company has carried out projects outside Costa Rica as the "Construction of Water Supply thirteen cities in Nicaragua," the "Rehabilitation of 19 relay stations Aqueduct Managua, Nicaragua" and the construction of three bridges in El Salvador.

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